A Hint of Rome in Somerset.

My first day trip was to Bath, which is a about an hour away from Cardiff. You’re probably curious as to how Bath got its name. It is believed that centuries ago the Romans built baths around the natural hot springs here and so the city got its name. In 1987 it was declared a World Heritage Site and with good reason because Bath has so much culture and tradition attached to it.

As this day trip was organized by a local church, we were able to hire a coach to take us to Bath. If you’re doing the trip by yourself, there are several convenient train and buses which go to Bath. Once in Bath, if you don’t fancy trying any of the restaurants, the park alongside the River Avon makes for a great picnic. Also, getting around Bath is not difficult as most of the places of prominence are withing close proximity of each other. So, google maps would come in handy!

This video highlights some of the wonderful sights of Bath! Be sure to visit as many as you can.

For Jane Austen fans, Bath is a real treat. The author lived here for sometime and many of the places mentioned in her books are in this magnificent city. With famous personalities like hereself, Beau Nash and John Wood residing here it’s no wonder that Bath is  a popular city. For anyone keen on immersing themselves in a culturally rich city or simply admiring beautiful buildings, Bath is the city to be!



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