Sunny skies for a change.

Since my family was visiting i planned a few day trips from Cardiff as the city as such has nothing spectacular apart from the castle and a few other tourist attractions. The weather living up to its reputation was horrible the day we Brecon Beacons, that and the fact that Brecon Beacons did not quite live up to our expectations made it quite  a sad day trip.

However, a week later we planned a day trip to Pembrokeshire and the weather was surprisingly good. Having seen a lot of pictures online of the beautiful coast i was keen on going there, and was able to organize for some one to give us a guided walk which was exceptional. What struck me about Pembroke was the ever changing scenery during our walk, from calm lily ponds, to vast stretches of sand and the ocean: it was a real treat. Our guide Sara took us on a 4 mile walk starting at the Lily Ponds to Broadhaven beach and Barafundle Bay which was voted the second most beautiful beach to visit by Nat Geo in 2012.

Walking through the Lily ponds.

Walking through the Lily ponds.

A view of the Lily ponds.

A view of the Lily ponds.

Broadhaven beach

Broadhaven beach

These horses weren’t in the least bit alarmed by our presence.

Barafundle Bay.

Barafundle Bay.

On the way to Barafundle Bay.

On the way to Barafundle Bay

Our walk ended with lunch at a local cafe near Barafundle Bay. As this was the only rest stop on the way we had a quick lunch here and then returned to Cardiff. If you’d like to visit Pembrokeshire i’d highly reccommend you ask Sara, as she has gives a lot of interesting facts about the flora and fauna and the places visited. If you’d like to get in touch with her, this is the website for the Pembroke Guided Tours.

Also, i’m a keen traveler so if there are any places close by that you’d recommend i visit i’d be happy to hear some suggestions! 

The picture that everyone takes!


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