8 Hotel Hacks.

If you’re a student traveler, or just someone travelling on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the best time at your travel destination! With a few simple hotel hacks , you can ensure that you get the best holiday accommodation. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

1.  Before you make reservations, check out websites like  AirBnB, Roomorama and Superfly for cheaper rates and great accommodation options.

Hotel Hacks for best deals.

2. If you’re making last minute bookings, have a look at hoteltonight.com. Here you will find the best deals on hotel rooms, and reviews as well, telling you what’s good about the hotel you’ve selected.

3. Another hack for last minute bookings is to check Groupon. You can almost always find an irresistible deal on a hotel or two at your holiday destination.

4. If you’re staying at a hotel for a long stretch, make sure you contact the hotel directly to negotiate a better rate. It’s easier for a hotel to retain one guest, than try and turnover a room everyday.

5. While checking in, offer to write a review for the hotel on one of the popular review sites. Chances are, on hearing this the hotel will give you a free upgrade, an added free meal or something along those lines.

Don’t miss out on the best deals. Image courtesy:https://www.flickr.com/photos/devcentre/2113692798/

6. If you don’t mind a room without all the fancy comforts, and can manage with just the basics, check out youth hostels. Private rooms here are reasonably priced if you don’t want to share with others.

7. If you are travelling somewhere to celebrate a special occasion (honeymoon, birthday) , inform the hotel in advance and you are likely to get a few perks.

 I hope these tips are useful, if you have any more suggestions  do comment below! Happy travels!







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