Tips for the Last Minute Traveler.

Last minute travel hacks.

Last minute travel hacks.

Make last minute travel plans doesn’t necessarily mean just running to the airport on the day you want to travel somewhere. Usually visa and financial restrictions require ‘last minute travel plans’ to be made at least 2 weeks before you decide to go somewhere. Check out these tips to for successful last minute travel:

1. Get the best airfare deals. To get cheap air tickets while booking last minute is difficult but not impossible. It requires quite a bit of sleuthing. These can sometimes be found on tour operators sites, and travel sites which offer ticket booking services.

2 . Save some money by planning mid week holidays. Since most people travel over the weekends, try booking your getaways from Tuesday-Thursday and avoid paying too much.

3. A happy go lucky attitude works best when making last minute travel plans, as you’re not likely to get the hotel room of your choice, and all the other perks that you might get when booking in advance.

4. Go where the deals are. As mentioned before you can’t be picky when making last minute plans. Therefore, go where the deals are. While flight fares tend to be expensive, most times accommodation costs will be a little cheaper.

Take a last minute holiday.

Take a last minute holiday.

5. Pick smaller airports. By flying out off and to smaller airports, you will be able to save a little more money. As most people are prone to travel from the bigger more well known airports.

6. Check twitter. Many travel bloggers and travel companies share information about good holiday deals on twitter. So make sure you check twitter every now and then and avail these cool deals.

7. Troll travel websites. Sites like Expedia will help you plan everything from accommodation to transport. be sure to have a look at these to get the best rates.

I’d normally advice not making last minute travel plans, but when it’s avoidable i hope these tips come in handy. And for those of you who might have more suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below!


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