Tips for Traveling Solo.

Traveling alone is a wonderful experience, some people describe it as an almost religious experience. It can be a little daunting at first, but after the first couple of days one begins to enjoy it. For those traveling alone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for those going solo:

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1. Safety is top priority. It’s better to use public transport, and try and stick to open public places especially at night. Exude confidence and walk purposefully. If you’re not comfortable about sharing too much about yourself, it’s alright to lie a little!

2. Book with tour operators. Traveling alone can be fun but make sure you get to see all the popular sites. This can be easily handled by booking with tour guides.

3. Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone back home, so that they know where you are in the even of something happening. And try and stay in touch with them as much as possible.

4. Trust everyone and no one. While it’s good to make an effort to meet you new people, always be on your guard and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position.


5. Do your homework. Before setting out, do sufficient research about the place you’re visiting. Some cities have areas that are not too safe etc. So make sure you know which areas to avoid and the kind of etiquette to follow when visiting another country.

6. Pack smart. You’re not going to have the benefit of someone helping you carry your bags. So, pack light such that you can manage your luggage alone.

Travel alone;have an adventure!

  Travel alone;have an adventure!

7. Be adventurous. Travelling alone gives you the chance to try as many new things as possible, without having someone to disagree with your plans. Try as many adventure sports and fun things that your travel destination is famous for.

8. To find about the best local restaurants, bars etc. interact with local professionals such as store clerks etc.

 If any of you reading this have traveled alone, and have more tips to share, do comment below!


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