Tips for the Last Minute Traveler.

Last minute travel hacks.

Last minute travel hacks.

Make last minute travel plans doesn’t necessarily mean just running to the airport on the day you want to travel somewhere. Usually visa and financial restrictions require ‘last minute travel plans’ to be made at least 2 weeks before you decide to go somewhere. Check out these tips to for successful last minute travel:

1. Get the best airfare deals. To get cheap air tickets while booking last minute is difficult but not impossible. It requires quite a bit of sleuthing. These can sometimes be found on tour operators sites, and travel sites which offer ticket booking services.

2 . Save some money by planning mid week holidays. Since most people travel over the weekends, try booking your getaways from Tuesday-Thursday and avoid paying too much.

3. A happy go lucky attitude works best when making last minute travel plans, as you’re not likely to get the hotel room of your choice, and all the other perks that you might get when booking in advance.

4. Go where the deals are. As mentioned before you can’t be picky when making last minute plans. Therefore, go where the deals are. While flight fares tend to be expensive, most times accommodation costs will be a little cheaper.

Take a last minute holiday.

Take a last minute holiday.

5. Pick smaller airports. By flying out off and to smaller airports, you will be able to save a little more money. As most people are prone to travel from the bigger more well known airports.

6. Check twitter. Many travel bloggers and travel companies share information about good holiday deals on twitter. So make sure you check twitter every now and then and avail these cool deals.

7. Troll travel websites. Sites like Expedia will help you plan everything from accommodation to transport. be sure to have a look at these to get the best rates.

I’d normally advice not making last minute travel plans, but when it’s avoidable i hope these tips come in handy. And for those of you who might have more suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below!


Tips for Traveling Solo.

Traveling alone is a wonderful experience, some people describe it as an almost religious experience. It can be a little daunting at first, but after the first couple of days one begins to enjoy it. For those traveling alone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for those going solo:

KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL A LOT, the iPhone 5 KEEP CALM Wallpaper I just pinned!

Get your travel bug on. Image courtesy:

1. Safety is top priority. It’s better to use public transport, and try and stick to open public places especially at night. Exude confidence and walk purposefully. If you’re not comfortable about sharing too much about yourself, it’s alright to lie a little!

2. Book with tour operators. Traveling alone can be fun but make sure you get to see all the popular sites. This can be easily handled by booking with tour guides.

3. Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone back home, so that they know where you are in the even of something happening. And try and stay in touch with them as much as possible.

4. Trust everyone and no one. While it’s good to make an effort to meet you new people, always be on your guard and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position.


5. Do your homework. Before setting out, do sufficient research about the place you’re visiting. Some cities have areas that are not too safe etc. So make sure you know which areas to avoid and the kind of etiquette to follow when visiting another country.

6. Pack smart. You’re not going to have the benefit of someone helping you carry your bags. So, pack light such that you can manage your luggage alone.

Travel alone;have an adventure!

  Travel alone;have an adventure!

7. Be adventurous. Travelling alone gives you the chance to try as many new things as possible, without having someone to disagree with your plans. Try as many adventure sports and fun things that your travel destination is famous for.

8. To find about the best local restaurants, bars etc. interact with local professionals such as store clerks etc.

 If any of you reading this have traveled alone, and have more tips to share, do comment below!

8 Hotel Hacks.

If you’re a student traveler, or just someone travelling on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the best time at your travel destination! With a few simple hotel hacks , you can ensure that you get the best holiday accommodation. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

1.  Before you make reservations, check out websites like  AirBnB, Roomorama and Superfly for cheaper rates and great accommodation options.

Hotel Hacks for best deals.

2. If you’re making last minute bookings, have a look at Here you will find the best deals on hotel rooms, and reviews as well, telling you what’s good about the hotel you’ve selected.

3. Another hack for last minute bookings is to check Groupon. You can almost always find an irresistible deal on a hotel or two at your holiday destination.

4. If you’re staying at a hotel for a long stretch, make sure you contact the hotel directly to negotiate a better rate. It’s easier for a hotel to retain one guest, than try and turnover a room everyday.

5. While checking in, offer to write a review for the hotel on one of the popular review sites. Chances are, on hearing this the hotel will give you a free upgrade, an added free meal or something along those lines.

Don’t miss out on the best deals. Image courtesy:

6. If you don’t mind a room without all the fancy comforts, and can manage with just the basics, check out youth hostels. Private rooms here are reasonably priced if you don’t want to share with others.

7. If you are travelling somewhere to celebrate a special occasion (honeymoon, birthday) , inform the hotel in advance and you are likely to get a few perks.

 I hope these tips are useful, if you have any more suggestions  do comment below! Happy travels!






A Hint of Rome in Somerset.

My first day trip was to Bath, which is a about an hour away from Cardiff. You’re probably curious as to how Bath got its name. It is believed that centuries ago the Romans built baths around the natural hot springs here and so the city got its name. In 1987 it was declared a World Heritage Site and with good reason because Bath has so much culture and tradition attached to it.

As this day trip was organized by a local church, we were able to hire a coach to take us to Bath. If you’re doing the trip by yourself, there are several convenient train and buses which go to Bath. Once in Bath, if you don’t fancy trying any of the restaurants, the park alongside the River Avon makes for a great picnic. Also, getting around Bath is not difficult as most of the places of prominence are withing close proximity of each other. So, google maps would come in handy!

This video highlights some of the wonderful sights of Bath! Be sure to visit as many as you can.

For Jane Austen fans, Bath is a real treat. The author lived here for sometime and many of the places mentioned in her books are in this magnificent city. With famous personalities like hereself, Beau Nash and John Wood residing here it’s no wonder that Bath is  a popular city. For anyone keen on immersing themselves in a culturally rich city or simply admiring beautiful buildings, Bath is the city to be!


Sunny skies for a change.

Since my family was visiting i planned a few day trips from Cardiff as the city as such has nothing spectacular apart from the castle and a few other tourist attractions. The weather living up to its reputation was horrible the day we Brecon Beacons, that and the fact that Brecon Beacons did not quite live up to our expectations made it quite  a sad day trip.

However, a week later we planned a day trip to Pembrokeshire and the weather was surprisingly good. Having seen a lot of pictures online of the beautiful coast i was keen on going there, and was able to organize for some one to give us a guided walk which was exceptional. What struck me about Pembroke was the ever changing scenery during our walk, from calm lily ponds, to vast stretches of sand and the ocean: it was a real treat. Our guide Sara took us on a 4 mile walk starting at the Lily Ponds to Broadhaven beach and Barafundle Bay which was voted the second most beautiful beach to visit by Nat Geo in 2012.

Walking through the Lily ponds.

Walking through the Lily ponds.

A view of the Lily ponds.

A view of the Lily ponds.

Broadhaven beach

Broadhaven beach

These horses weren’t in the least bit alarmed by our presence.

Barafundle Bay.

Barafundle Bay.

On the way to Barafundle Bay.

On the way to Barafundle Bay

Our walk ended with lunch at a local cafe near Barafundle Bay. As this was the only rest stop on the way we had a quick lunch here and then returned to Cardiff. If you’d like to visit Pembrokeshire i’d highly reccommend you ask Sara, as she has gives a lot of interesting facts about the flora and fauna and the places visited. If you’d like to get in touch with her, this is the website for the Pembroke Guided Tours.

Also, i’m a keen traveler so if there are any places close by that you’d recommend i visit i’d be happy to hear some suggestions! 

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